Our Lords Mobile hack is an online tool that will grant you an unlimited amount of Gems and Coins to your personal Lords Mobile account. There is no password required and its 100% free. The hack has already been used over thousand times and has not yet been detected by the game. We do our utmost to check the detection safety for our Gems and Coins hack on a daily basis!

Features Added

Gem Generator Gold Generator Anonymously using Useable with your mobile phone

Gem Generator

You can use it to generate gems for an amount you can choose!

Gold Generator

You can use it to generate gold for an amount you can choose!

Anonymously using

As or hack is requiring only the Lords Mobile username to create the Gems and Coins amount you wish there is no link between your personal account and this hack. Simply because just anyone could have hacked your account. In addition to this the hack is based on the servers api data and not on.

Useable with your mobile phone

You can generate gems and coins by your mobile phone

Should we use the Lords Mobile Online Hack Tool?

Let me ask you: Do you want to spend hundreds of hours playing a game to reach the very top of the competitive gamers just to see how another players is passing you with ease just because he spent some money? We have made this experience and we found it to be very frustrating. In some online games it is just not possible anymore to reach the top without paying a decent amount to catch up. If you think the same way we do, you have to use it. There is no disadvantage for you. It is undetectable, free and fair for all users. With our Lords Mobil Hack it just doesn’t matter any longer if you pay for a game or not.

About Lords Mobile


Lords Mobile is an online multiplayer game with strategic elements. You can chose from three different races and unite in an alliance to compete against other players as a team. The ingame currencies are Gems and Coins and they have a huge impact on the game as they are required for building your army and doing research etc.

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Lords Mobile Hack
You see the Lords Mobile Online Generator with some instructions.

All you have to do is typing in your account name to generate the amount of Gems or Coins you wish. Right after you typed in your Lords Mobile account nameyou have to choose the amount of Gems or Coins you want to create with our hack. Please note: The generated amount does not increase the chance of getting busted as our hack is 100% not detectable. For further information about this topic just read our “anonymously using” tab below. After completing these steps the servers api is searching for your account data and will do its work. This process might take up to 20 seconds and you can watch the progress. Last but not least you have to verify that you are human and not a spam bot with the following procedure. And now: Have fun with your free Gems and Coins for your Lords Mobile account.

Lords Mobile Hack Effect


I have to say that I am rather addicted to Lords Mobile. It is not really a big confession to me, as I have always been a quite excessive gamer. I have always been a huge fan of strategy games, especially the mobile ones. The reason for this is because unlike the big strategy games like Starcraft, Age of Empires, Civilization series et cetera, the mobile games do not require a stationary system. You can simply play them when you are on the train or on the bus on your way to work or to the school. I have always played games on my mobile phone, but since the big games came out it all went up to the next level. There was no longer the boring aim to hit the highscore of an arcade game while you are on your way to the university. From all of a sudden I was able to plan my next big strategic step, I was setting up my armies to attack the enemies or prepared my defence to be protected against incoming attacks. Well, this playstyle did not just come up with the introduction of mobile strategy games, as I already played some browser games with the same play style. But from all these games I must say that Lords Mobile really got me hooked the most. I started playing it since its release, so I was one of the first ones on their servers and got used to this playstyle from the very beginning including all the changes it went through so far. Lords mobile always hat its special strategic instruments that made it have this individual feeling when you are playing it. There is your kingdom that you have to build up, which is rather common in games of this genre. But in addition to this you can not only defeat it with your stationary army. You are also able to defend it with some traps that you set up before so the enemy army gets weakened before their attack arrived. In terms of attacking you can spy on your enemy before you are going to attack him. This way you can make a neat plan to assault him just the way you should. While both of those features have been seen many times before in several games it is the combination of these features that make it so unique as all those features seem to fit together perfectly in Lords Mobile. But when I am talking about unique playstyle there is the most unique feature I left out so far: The fighting system of Lords Mobile. In Lords Mobile you have to open chests to collect cards which represent your army and your heroes. You can improve your battle strength only this way in a significant way and get an advantage over your opponents. But this is the main problem in Lords Mobile, too. The advantage over your opponents. Most of the time you need to save your Gems to buy chests and collect the very rare cards your need so urgently to defeat your enemies. You can buy them in the ingame shop for real money as well, but who wants to spend all of his money in a mobile game? Well, at least I was not keen on doing so. After I got bored of the permanent grinding and waiting for hours to complete building I was looking on the internet for a way to get those precious gems without investing my real money in Lords Mobile. Soon I found out that there are several Lords Mobile Hack Websites that offer – like the name said – a Lords Mobile Hack. I have heard of those Lords Mobile Hacks before but I have always been a legit player and really do not like to make use of programs like this as they are hurting the gameplay in the end (in my opinion). But as I already mentioned, I got bored after a long time playing this game, because of the tons of grinding required and so I just used this Lords Mobile hack two days ago. So far my experiences with it are great and I strongly recommend using a Lords Mobile hack at a certain point of a game.

Lords Mobile Hack Experiences

Article's from User xAngelKiller:

Hi guys. As I already wrote in one of my previous articles that I have just started using a Lords Mobile hack I wanted to share my experiences with you. I have used this Lords Mobile hack for two weeks so far and I have no negative results. Actually it is quite the opposite. I already told you that it was the first time I am using a Lords Mobile hack, as I really preferred being a legit player my whole gaming career. There were two things I was really concerned about when I was thinking about using the Lords Mobile hack. First thing was the point of the gameplay and the fun of playing this game. In the end you should never forget that the main reason you are playing this game is because of having a great time. So when you are using a program like this your aim should be to improve the fun of playing this game and not to get rid of it by walking around in this game like using a god mode feature. Referring to the Lords Mobile hack I must say that I am quite surprised that this feeling did not come up so far. And I must confess that I have used this hack quite a lot. The second concern I have had was of course the fear of getting busted and the following ban from the servers as a cheater. As everyone who is in my state of the game progress, I also have spent hundreds of hours with playing Lords Mobile. But as you can see from my rather positive article nothing happened to me – so far. But as I already met some guys on the servers using the same website like me, I am rather sure that I will not get busted in the very near future.

Hi guys, although my articles are not in a correct chronological order I would like to let you know how my gameplay has further improved since I started using the Lords Mobile hack, as I have been using it for three weeks now. My last article was about the two major concerns I have had, which were the fun in playing this game and the chance of getting busted and banned right after from the Lords Mobile servers. So far nothing has changed as I am still using the Lords Mobile hack without getting busted and all of my friends on the servers that are using the same Lords Mobile hack have not yet been busted, too. What I want to tell you with this article is how I experienced the gameplay since I started using the Lords Mobile hack. Before I used it I logged into my account one two times per day and did all the stuff I was able to do and waited until the time was over after that. This was a rather automatic process without much fun. At the start of the game there were more actions available and I played it very often and it filled my times in the public transport with joy. But in the end Lords Mobile did not fulfil this purpose anymore. Now that I started using this hack it was like it came back to the roots. I can now play Lords mobile again on a daily basis and it is not as boring as it became in the days before I used this hack. So I actually have to say that the Lords Mobile hack did quite the opposite thing. First I was concerned about it to destroy the fun of this game, but in the end it brought back the fun to this game by bringing back the momentum it had in the very beginning.


So give it a try!